• Website Services
  • Designing and maintaining your very own website is fun and easy and we're here to get you up and running and even show you how! Not everyone needs a $1000.00 (or more) website. Full Moon Designs offers a lower cost alternative for small businesses or individuals looking to make an internet presence.
  • We will work with you to design your very own website.
  • We offer mentoring packages where you can learn to utilize FREE HTML editing software to maintain and modify your own site, or we can take care of your updates for you.
  • Our hosting plans allow unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for only $45.99 per year. For dedicated and secure Hosting please request more details.
  • We will show you how to use FREE web tools to improve site ranking (SEO) and monitor site statistics.
  • Publishing & Graphic Design
  • Full Moon Designs can assist you in of logo development, marketing materials, business card layout & design, publications for professional or home printing
    and much more.
  • AutoCad Drafting
  • If you have an AutoCad drawing you need created, updated or modified...
    We can work with you to get the job done!

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Recent Changes

Server Upgrades & Discontinuation of FrontPage Support

Currently, our servers have been upgraded to ensure steady and solid support. Due to the discontinuation of FrontPage software revisions and updates, coupled with ever growing threats to server security, it has become imperative that FrontPage Extension Support be discontinued.

While this change may initially be very uncomfortable, we are dedicated to ensuring that a smooth transition takes place. And for those who use FrontPage as a Simple HTML editor and do not rely on the "Extensions" you can continue to do so. The only difference in your process will be how you upload your pages. The Publish Feature will no longer function. Please contact me for FTP account access and Review this Instructional PDF.

For a copy of Adobe Reader CLICK HERE